Whole Pig Deposit

Whole Pig Deposit

$4.05/lb on hanging weight + butchering

When ordering a whole pig, you have the option to customize every cut. This package is ideal for larger families who want to stock up their freezer or for anyone looking to save money by buying in bulk!

This option is sold by the hanging weight of the pig (the weight of the animal once the hide, head, and entrails are removed). We charge $4.05/lb on the hanging weight + butchering costs, which are approximately $2.50/lb on the hanging weight. The hanging weight for a whole pig is typically between 225-275lbs.

Once you make your deposit, we will assign you the next available butcher date or you may request a certain time of year that you prefer. Please do this by making a comment in the 'special instructions' section when checking out. When your date arrives, we will notify you and put you directly in contact with our butcher to go over cutting instructions.

Balance must be paid at pickup with cash or check only.  DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.