About our Farm

Hidden Spring Farm is a family owned and operated business located in Lebanon County, PA. 

We focus on producing healthy animals that are raised in a more natural, pasture-based environment. We believe that animals were made to be raised outdoors and we are truly committed to raising our animals in this manner. We feel extremely blessed to also raise our family within our farm setting. Our 4 kids love the open space to roam around the farm and enjoy helping out with the daily chores.

We encourage eating fresh, local foods from small family farms. By doing so, it gives the consumer the opportunity to know where their food comes from and how it is grown, and it also allows farming be a viable occupation.

We welcome and encourage visits to the farm (by appointment) if you desire to meet us and see our operation, or come visit our farm store during daylight hours to purchase individual cuts of all our meats.

Eric & Kristen Fetter

Our Family