Our Farming Practices

100% Grass-Fed Beef


Our beef herd contains Angus and Red Devon cattle. The whole herd is rotationally grazed on pastures rich with a diversity of grasses, forbs and legumes. At no time do any of the cattle have access to grain and we do not administer any growth enhancing products ever. We move our cattle to fresh grass at least every 12 hours and try to create a stress free environment for them to live in. We offer a variety of minerals that the cattle can consume at their leisure and fresh water all the time. We raise the steers until they show a nicely finished carcass and then transport them to our local USDA inspected butcher where they are humanly harvested and left dry age for 9-10 days

Pastured Pork


The pigs we raise are usually cross bred animals with particular interest to heritage breeds. They are bought as feeder pigs weighing around 35-40 lbs. from local farmers and then brought here to our farm to enjoy the rest of their lives outdoors. They love rooting in the dirt to find worms, roots, grubs and insects. They also consume some grasses, clovers and forbs from the pastures. We rotate our pigs through various pastures and give them ample room to “be a pig” We feed our pigs a non-GMO grain diet, which is mixed and purchased from our local feed mill. We never give the pigs any growth enhancing drugs or antibiotics. The pigs are raised until they reach approximately 275 lbs. which will take 7-9 months. After that they are butchered in a USDA inspected facility and then brought here to the farm for sale. 

Pastured Free Range Brown Eggs


Our laying hens reside in a portable hen house which we move throughout the pastures. They are required to do their “job” in the morning (lay an egg) and then the afternoon is theirs to run, scratch in the dirt, eat insects and enjoy their life in the outdoors. They are fed a non-GMO grain diet in addition to what they scavenge in the field. If you’ve never eaten an egg from a hen raised on sunshine, bugs and grass, then you are in for quite a treat! Deep orange, gooey yolks within thick milky whites unlike any store-bought egg you’ve ever seen. Their color, flavor and texture are made distinctive by high amounts of Vitamin A, D, E, K2, B-12, folate, riboflavin, zinc, calcium, beta carotene, choline, and tons of omega 3 fatty acids!!

Pastured Chicken and Turkey


The meat chickens we raise are the Cornish cross breed. They are said to be the “world's fastest growing chicken.” We buy them as a 1 day old chick and raise them for about 8-9 weeks until they reach around 4-6 lbs as a dressed chicken. During the first 4 weeks of their lives we keep them in our 'brooder house' as they need a more temperature controlled environment. After that time they are moved outside into portable, open-bottom pens which we move twice a day, rotating them throughout the pastures. The pens protect them from predators but with the open floored bottom they still have access to all the grass, clover and bugs they want as well as non-GMO grain and grit. At no time do we give any antibiotics or hormones to the chickens. We process the chickens here at the farm.

The turkeys are raised identical to the chickens except they take longer to mature. We raise them for approximately 4 months until they are harvested here on our farm.